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Goddess Archetype: Athena

Athena: Goddess of Wisdom

You are proactive, focused and intellectual.

Athena’s Qualities:

  • Extroverted

  • Independent

  • Logical thinking

  • Sharp intellect

  • Wise

  • Industrious

  • Strategic

  • Practical

As an Athena Archetype, you are curious. You seek information and want to know how things work. You value rational thinking, and the superiority of will and intellect over instinct. You are highly capable and skilled at planning and executing.

Athena Archetypes prize intellect. You are guided by your thoughts rather than your emotions.

As an Athena’s Archetype you can benefit from actively practicing more forgiveness (towards yourself and others). Honestly examine deeply rooted beliefs that convince you “life always has to be tough,” with the knowing that all beliefs can be changed. Facing your shadow side requires admitting your weaknesses and what you can't tolerate. Do any of these resonate with you?

  • It can be hard for you to maintain close female friendships.

  • You get annoyed by dreamers and idealists.

  • You are very selective about doling out empathy and compassion.

  • You tend to take on beliefs that make you feel like we need to show others what we are capable of.

  • You’re hardworking and responsible, so it's hard for you to accept laziness in others.

  • You hide your vulnerability.

  • It can be hard for you to delegate tasks because you believe that "If I'm going to do the job right, I have to do it myself."

  • You tend to have high expectations of others and may feel compelled to verify that others are doing what they need to do (to help you determine if you can trust them).

  • You strongly affirm what you believe and expect others to agree with your beliefs.

  • You tend to assert your point of view categorically, and can get caught up in the trap of trying to convince others.

As an Athena Archetype, you may have come from a childhood that required you to grow up quickly.

Unleashing your true power and full potential requires you to tap into the part of yourself that doesn’t have to feel responsible for everything. It is also important for you to learn to be with your feelings as you listen to other people’s stories and experiences.

You begin to tap into your full Goddess potential as you:

  • Acknowledge your shadow side

  • Align to a higher Divine consciousness

  • Give your inner child time to be playful and have fun

  • Become open to trusting the Divine flow of life

  • Start working with your Goddess power instead of resisting it

  • Understand that expressing vulnerability helps reinforce deep human connection

  • Invite compassion + empathy, for yourself & others, into your life

  • Tap into your inner child and embrace life with the joy and exuberance of youth.

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