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Bye Bye Anxiety, Stress & Burnout

 Its Time To Fall in Love with Life Again!

Ambitious women get stuck in behavior patterns that lead to burnout.  It's time to take control of your life back.

Overcome emotional limitations by investing in yourself.


You’re Successful, Intelligent & Driven.

You've accomplished a lot in your life.  In many ways: you've got it all.


But the truth is: your internal reality feels far from perfect.

  • You’re fatigued.

  • Your daily to-do list consumes you.

  • You very rarely feel present for the people in your life who matter most.

  • It feels like life is passing you by.

Deep down you feel like there HAS to be more to life.

If you keep burning the candle at both ends you know you'll hit your limit.

And lately you've started to go numb. You've started to question how much longer you can keep going.

You're afraid you might set fire to what you've achieved despite all you've sacrificed to get to where you are.

This is your wake up moment.

I've been there. I know how you feel. After hitting my own limit, I become committed to developing a system to break free. I've helped thousands of clients get their lives back.

Highly-driven people, like you, come to me after hitting a breaking point.


You've tried to ignore your internal struggle for way too long.


You've worked for promotions, you've sacrificed a LOT, listened to the experts, maybe you've changed careers, or tried to drown your sorrows during happy hour.  Most of my clients have tried talk therapy, tried to numb out by going shopping, taking anxiety & sleeping pills, read self-help books and tried yoga, and even gone on wellness retreats...and while some of it has helped a little - none of it has actually worked in a truly meaningful, lasting way.

Nothing you've tried so far has really worked the way you want it to because none of it has gotten to the core of WHY you feel the way you do. 

High-performing, ambitious people like you burn out.

If you don’t get to the root cause, then you’ll never find the lasting solution.

There is a proven protocol that gets to the root.

I teach my clients how to heal the core issues of burnout in a way that makes a real difference...and I provide you the tools, strategies and support you need to continue to thrive in a career that you love, while enjoying a life that you love - without compromising what matters: your health, your relationships, and your passion for life.

My step-by-step strategies work when other approaches just don't get the job done.

If you want to know how this is possible, watch my free webinar that explains the process I use to help my clients release emotional trauma so you can enjoy a career you love and a personal life that feels satisfying in every way.

As a bonus you'll also also get instant access to my full-length e-book:

The Successful Woman's Guide to Beating Burnout
  1. You'll learn how to tell the difference between stress and burnout

  2. The three components of burnout you need to know

  3. How to identify & shift limiting beliefs that cause burnout

  4. The most effective recovery strategies you can begin to use right away

  5. How unresolved emotional trauma can contribute to burnout

  6. Common burnout behaviors that result from unresolved trauma


My ground-breaking book and webinar cover:

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Presented by Monika Benoit
CEO of Monika Benoit LLC

Founder of The Ultimate Mind Body Soul Reset

Monika Benoit

Transformation coach for Ambitous Women

Monika's first-hand experience owning and operating a private coaching business along with years of climbing the corporate ladder eventually led to exhaustion, overwhelm, and a nagging feeling of dissatisfaction. She was inspired to dive head first into facing her shadows, healing her unresolved emotional wounds, and ultimately inspired the creation of her signature coaching program: The Ultimate Mind-Body-Soul Reset.   Based on 15 years of research in hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, mindfulness, positive psychology, and holistic life coaching strategies - the proven process outlined in Monika's program produces results when nothing else works.


Monika's background has helped her identify the emotional traumas and behavior traits high-achieving women have in common that lead them to work, worry and struggle in ways that do not serve their highest potential.

She’s helped thousands of individuals from all professions and walks of life: from directors and C-suite executives to small business owners.  Her clients have successfully overcome burnout and said goodbye to mental and physical exhaustion; giving them the energy and ability to pursue their passions, take care of their families, redefine normal, successfully live in the present moment and so much more...

Learn more by accessing the free webinar using the button below.

Monika is a Success & Mindset Coach with a background in Holistic Life Coaching. She is a Certified Health Coach, Mind-Body Specialist, author, successful CEO and master energy worker trained extensively in Hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique. Monika lives in Connecticut with her husband, three kids, four cats and four dogs.

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