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Goddess Archetype: Aphrodite

Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty

You tend to have unlimited creative talents while also being able to focus on what is personally meaningful to you and to become totally absorbed in it.

You represent the independent Goddess

Aphrodite’s magic activates when you are fully present in what you are doing and who you are with. You give those around you the feeling of being special. Your qualities:

  • Extroverted

  • Focused on relationships

  • Compassionate

  • Sensual

  • Passionate

  • Lust for life

  • Warm and attentive

  • Tremendous force for change

As an Aphrodite Archetype, you may find yourself falling in and out of love quite easily. There may have been times in your life when found yourself tempted to act on sexual desire with little regard for the consequences.

You either enjoy being the center of attention and the sense of power that comes with your sensuality, OR you repress your sexuality and judge yourself very harshly for having sexual urges and sensual characteristics.

Your power lies in learning how to view your sexuality as an extension of your power.

As an Aphrodite Archetype you are prone to suffering from the emotional trauma wound of humiliation. Do you resonate with any of the characteristics of the shadow side of this Archetype?

  • Your trauma wound can cause you to feel ashamed of yourself and others.

  • You may even find that you are afraid of being ashamed.

  • You have difficulty recognizing and embracing your sensuality & deny yourself pleasures associated with the five senses.

  • We find ourselves compensating and rewarding ourselves with food. We may also carry a fear of being “punished” if we enjoy life too much.

  • We tend to punish ourselves by giving up our freedom.

  • We become martyrs, putting the needs of others before our own, do everything for others may seem altruistic - in reality, we are simply creating constraints subconsciously preventing ourselves from enjoying life.

You're self-sacrificing and tend to take on a lot of obligations, but without proper self-care and healthy boundaries you prevent yourself from enjoying life.

You tend to blame yourself for everything and even take the blame for others. You begin to tap into your full Goddess potential as you:

  • Embrace your innately Divine nature

  • Allow yourself the pleasure of enjoying your five senses

  • Understand that power of exploring your sensuality

  • Embody your sexuality as an extension of your Divine power

  • Establish healthy boundaries and self-care rituals to prevent burnout

  • Acknowledge your emotional trauma wound and give yourself permission to heal

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