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Goddess Archetype: Hestia

Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth

Introverted, with an inward focus. Think Oracle from the Matrix. You embody a quiet inner power, you can be undervalued by those who don’t understand how truly powerful you really are as a Goddess. Your qualities:

  • Introverted

  • Spiritual

  • Intuitive

  • Warm

  • Not a strong presence

  • Mild-mannered

  • Inviting

  • Unhurried

  • Quirky

You may benefit from leaving your comfort zone, or sanctuary, and going out into the world regularly. Otherwise, you can suffer from self-inflicted loneliness and isolation.

You prefer not to get attached to material things and truly seek your soul's purpose on this planet. Sometimes it takes a little effort for you to connect with the value that you bring into this world. You might even find yourself in self-sabotaging situations and not understand why.

As a woman who embodies the Hestia Archetype, you are often prone to the emotional trauma wound of Rejection, which can cause you to begin to doubt your very right to exist. Do any of the characteristics of the shadow side of this Archetype resonate with you?

  • You shy away from receiving a lot of attention, fearing that you might freeze up or not know what to do.

  • You usually don't speak up in a group: you’re afraid of disturbing the status-quo and/or not being interesting.

  • When you're down, you can slip into a state of ambivalence and struggle with believing in yourself.

As a Hestia Archetype, you unleash your Goddess potential by acquiring assertiveness that gives you the ability to stand up for yourself. You unleash your inner power as you:

  • Stay curious towards your wounds and shadow side

  • Reaffirm your inherent self-worth, Divine value and absolute right to exist.

  • Leave your comfort zone and put yourself out there, in your own unique way.

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