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Goddess Archetype: Artemis

Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt

This feminine archetype is responsible for the women’s movement that the world is witnessing today. For a modern reference, think of the character Katniss in the Hunger Games. Your qualities:

  • Independent

  • Introverted

  • Strongly connected with nature

  • Focused

  • Non traditional

  • Protective

  • Just

  • Courageous

  • Competitive

This archetype gives you the innate ability to concentrate intensely on whatever is important to you. On the darker side, your emotional distance from others brings on a merciless quality.

There is a lot of Artemis Archetype energy active in the world today. It is a ruthless, competitive, justice-focused energy.

To balance out your fierce competitiveness, Artemis Archetypes like you can benefit from softening up a bit and connecting with your vulnerability.

As an Artemis Archetype, you are prone to the emotional wound of injustice. Do any of the characteristics of the shadow side of this Archetype resonate with you?

  • Do others ever tell you that you lack flexibility?

  • You tend to be a perfectionist.

  • Often feel jealous of others’ successes and good fortune.

  • You cut yourself off from your feelings.

  • You find it difficult to admit to others that you’re having problems.

  • You’d prefer to fix things on our own.

  • You like order and tend to control yourself by demanding a lot from yourself.

  • Other people may describe you as someone who has trouble showing affection.

  • It feels like you need to work hard to prove that you deserve rest as a reward.

  • You find it difficult to receive gifts because you don't like feeling indebted to the giver.

You begin to unlock your true Goddess potential as you acknowledge your emotional wounds and commit to healing.

To make peace with your shadow side and unleash your full potential, try:

  • Tuning into your emotions and letting yourself FEEL them without judgement.

  • Giving yourself permission to accept your emotions as they come up.

  • Slowly start to ask for, and accept, help, when you need it.

  • Allowing yourself to go with the flow of life's grand design.

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