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EFT Basics Video: How to Start Tapping into Abundance

I recently enjoyed the privilege of collaborating with someone who I have long admired from afar! She embodies feminine wisdom in her own authentic, soul-filled way and helps countless others with her knowledge of women's health, homeschooling, herbalism, holistic living, sensuality, fitness and motivating posts.

Ajane aka @womanofthewomb allowed me to present EFT tapping to her private community. Everyone who participated took part in a shared healing experience as we cleared out a childhood memory centered on scarcity.

I am excited to share the recording from our Tapping for Abundance Workshop! If you’d like to fast forward to specific parts of the video, here are the highlights you can skip to, or come back to later, if you’re short on time: 6:50: The Set-up Phrase 8:46: Karate Chop Point 9:51: The Sore Spot (Karate Chop Alternative) 12:00: The Reminder Phrase 12:52: Basic Tapping Points 14:42: Additional Tapping Points 16:34: Things to Notice 18:34: Going Deeper: Addressing Memories 20:53: The Movie Technique 21:47: Questions to Consider - What are your beliefs about money? 22:11: How to Identify Limiting Money Beliefs 25:27: My Personal Example of a Childhood Event that Shaped My Money Beliefs 28:11: Identify Your Own Core Money Memory 31:04: Tap Along: Trauma Money Clearing 36:56: “Borrowing” Benefits 38:00: Key Takeaways

More info on Ajane's private community can be found here:

Much love to everyone!

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