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2 Simple Strategies For Never Losing Out Again

Life is full of ups and downs.

When shit hits the fan, when things go wrong, don’t go as planned, or when something happens to throw us off balance...we can begin to doubt ourselves and let's face it, loves:


After all, we all want things to go well.

We want to succeed.

We want to achieve.

When life throw challenges at us when we least expect it, we have to remember that no matter how much we prepare: we can't control everything. Nor should we try.

It’s not what happens TO us, but what we DO with what happens to us - that makes all the difference. We can't control the ocean, but we can learn to surf the waves.

Let's go deeper into some strategies that we can start using right away, to come out on top.

1. Focus on Your Strengths

Every single one of us is a mixture of strengths and weaknesses - that is a fact.

What most of us don't realize is that it's human nature to put more focus on our weaknesses instead of our strengths. It benefits us greatly to acknowledge that fact.

Our next step is to then consciously choose to focus on what we do well.

A lot of people approach strength and weaknesses by hyper-focusing on their weaknesses. During moments of motivation, some very focused individuals begin incrementally developing skills that can help transform weakness in strengths.

I propose a different, more effective approach that begins with a commitment to identifying and talking about our strengths.

Let's define what we mean when we say strength. For the purposes of this conversation, we're going to define a strength as something that you do consistently well.

It’s something you thrive at doing and are able to do well. It might feel like you’re hard-wired to do it well or you might get a feeling of satisfaction from doing it.

Understand that you could have strengths in areas that you might not have discovered, acknowledged, or explored yet. It could be tackling and solving complex problems, empathizing with people, having a lively imagination or being able to make the perfect omelet.

It's important that we release our predetermined notions of a strength being something that has to bring us money or fame. A strength may bring neither, but if it feels joyful or it energizes or excites you to think about - then it is certainly a strength.

Focusing on what you do well, rather than what you are not so good at, supports your psychological, mental and emotional well-being in several ways. Energetically you are building up momentum, giving energy to the areas of your life and identity that work well for you. This builds you self-confidence and enhances your self-image, in a healthy way.