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Divine Goddess Manifestation Meditation 1/2

Divine Goddess Manifestation Meditation 2/2

Preparing for a Great Day! Self-Hypnosis

Attracting Financial Abundance Self-Hypnosis

Release Limiting Beliefs E.F.T. Tapping Video

Release Resistance to Change E.F.T. Tapping Video

Feeling Worthy of Love E.F.T. Tapping Video

Weight Loss Anxiety E.F.T. Tapping Video

Healing Your Relationship with the Scale E.F.T. Tapping Video


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With Monika’s professional skills and expertise, she has managed to get to the root core very quickly (instead of months or years of standard psychiatry). The emotional trauma is brought up and out...released and a feeling of peace and relaxation occurs...I highly recommend Monika as she has had a huge impact.

- Ruth

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I had been struggling with on and off illness for the past six months, along with some difficult, but very important decisions. She...helped me work through many emotional aspects of my life, both from the past and present. I recently went back for a session, when I [was done] felt like I had done a complete 180! I highly recommend Monika.

- Claire 

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I feel very confident in recommending Monika.  She is very good at what she does. My...issues were so deep that I feel the combination of [techniques] was necessary to do the job. She is supportive and I feel she is capable of handling any situation… You are in good hands with Monika.


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Success is Your

Unlock the secret to getting paid generously without burnout, anxiety and overwhelming stress. Begin to embody the authentic joy that comes from staying consciously present in the moment without constantly thinking about your to-do list or checking your phone.  Heal deep traumas and emotional wounds stopping you from enjoying time with your friends and family.  Release self-sabotaging behaviors and become the calm, centered version of yourself that knows she can handle anything that comes her way.

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