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It takes the highest level of

clarity and dedication

to be the best at what you do

You're a soul-driven woman who

is Wildly passionate about her work 

and is ready for SUCCESS!

It's time  to accelerate your access to joy, satisfaction, and financial abundance.


The time has come for you to embrace your role as a Soul Entrepreneur


What is a Soul Entrepreneur?

If you’re heart-centered healer, holistic health practitioner, nutritionist or fitness expert,

massage therapist, kinesiologist, nutritionist, naturopath, energy healer, shaman, tarot reader,

NLP practitioner, hypnotist, EFT practitioner, reiki healer, psychic, feng shui expert, pilates or yoga teacher,

psychologist, marriage counselor, relationship expert, or mindset coach...


The world needs your gifts now more than ever before.

It's time to get CLEAR and CONFIDENT:

  • mentally


  • energetically

You're a heart-centered BADASS and you want more out of life.


STOP sacrificing your personal well-being and mental sanity to get what you want!


You don't have to reach burn out or hit a mental wall to shift your old pattern. 


Today is your wake-up call! 

I know how scary it can feel to leave your old life, and your old identity, behind, so you can align with your true destiny!

The day I left my corporate wellness coaching job I took a HUGE risk.

My new life was waiting. 

It required that I take a leap of faith.

And most importantly, it required me to energetically commit myself to an exponentially more awesome version of myself.


Someone who feels confident in her true path.


Someone who teaches, leads and gets paid generously with ease, grace, satisfaction and flow.

The most beautiful realization of all is that my life's mission is to elevate the lives of the powerful queens around me!

I help soul-entrepreneurs and wellness experts find and OWN their unique VOICES so they can be heard with confidence.

I facilitate a remembering of who-you-really-are, the innately successful Goddess and powerful being capable of anything!

I've spend a decade and a half perfecting the process that energetically and emotionally aligns women with joy & success.

Curious about the proven formula that elevates you to new heights as a confident, successful, well-paid expert in your field?

Soul Entrepreneur Transformation 6 -Figure  CEO Ascension Formula (1).png
Untitled design (3).png


With Monika’s professional skills and expertise, she has managed to get to the root core very quickly (instead of months or years of standard psychiatry). The emotional trauma is brought up and out...very quickly...released and a feeling of peace and relaxation occurs...I highly recommend Monika as she has had a huge impact.


I had been struggling with on and off illness for the past six months, along with some difficult, but very important decisions. She...helped me work through many emotional aspects of my life, both from the past and present. I recently went back for a session, when I felt like I had done a complete 180!

I highly recommend Monika.


I feel very confident in recommending Monika.  She is very good at what she does. My...issues were so deep that I feel the combination of [techniques] was necessary to do the job. She is supportive and I feel she is capable of handling any situation… You are in good hands with Monika.

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